Egypt Vision 2030

The program aligns with Egypt’s overarching theme of the Sustainable Development Strategy.


Understand modern methods in policy-making, management and decision-making concepts.

Elite professionals

Get the required tools and skills to familiarize yourself with all aspects of public management.


Real practical leadership Program that prepares you for a better career path

Word from executive director to EPLP candidates

The Executive Presidential Leadership Program is the flagship and most important programs of National Training Academy. It has been prepared and designed to be the engine of progress, a beacon of hope and a hub for future leaders. Thousands of candidates compete to reserve a place in this program, but only the elite few are able to succeed. This elite group are the state depends upon to achieve progress and prosperity for the country. Diligence, perseverance, and belief in a dream are your way to join the program.

Best wishes for success to all applicants.

Dr. Rascha Ragheb

National Training Academy Executive Director

Enrollment Requirements

Applying for the program by registeration


Applicant must be an Egyptian citizen


Applicants must be between 30 to 45 years

Educational Level

Applicant must be a holder of a university degree.

Job Status

Applicant must be working in the governmental sector

EPLP Alumni

What is Executive Presidential Leadership Program(EPLP) ?

For more information watch the video attached.

Selection Process

Applying for the program by registeration


It is a written test to assess mastering of the Arabic language .

It is a written test to assess the level of general knowledge .

It is a Computer based test to assess the personal competencies .

Personal interviews for candidates through subject matter expert’s panel.

Pillars of the Program

Protocol & Etiquette

International Relations

Research Methodology

Cabinet Simulation

Soft Skills


Information Communication Technology

Project Management


Public Administration

History & Heritage

Logisitcs & Supply Chain Management

Political Science

Media & Communication

Leadership & Planning

National Security

French Language

Egypt Vision 2030 -SDGs

English Language

Administrative Law

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