The program aims at building competent cadres capable of understanding and using modern mechanisms in policy-making, decision-making, and transforming traditional thinking into a more modern style in line with the latest successful international applications and models.
Applicants must be Egyptian civil servants who are addressed by the provisions of the Civil Service Law such as university staff members, faculty members, supporting bodies, business and public sector employees, public bodies and holding companies. Applicant age must be between 30 and 45.
Yes, both accommodation and transportation are provided for trainees.
Yes, you can apply but it is required to attach a copy of the test receipt, but it is required to submit a certificate after two days of admission at the first stage of the selection.
The program is designed to be an educational model based on the integration between theoretical study and practical study. The training includes a number of main axes, the most important of which are: personal skills, media and public relations, law, economics, finance, English Language, French Language, etc. The program also includes a number of events and external visits.
Lectures, workshops, practical training, external visits, graduation projects.
The form required by the employer is a statement of the employment status or its equivalent as a letter from the Human Resources Department.